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Eilleen Knott

Eilleen Knott is from the Pacific Northwest.. She has always loved art. Even from elementary school age, she could never pick “a” favorite color. Her artwork shows with intensity her celebration of the richness of color.

   As a young mother, she pursued art as a means to be a stay at home mom and bring in a supplemental income. It started from taking years of China painting lessons from a well known local artist. Soon she began painting custom tiles for both the residential and commercial markets. Quickly this expanded to additional forms of artwork (Sinks, Valances, Furniture, Doors, Ceilings) for luxury motor coaches. She graduated from a Milan Art Institute and has sold her artwork, nationally and internationally. 
   Although she was comfortable in the various office jobs she worked, they left her unsatisfied. She had to push through her comfort and everyday life into the rugged environment of creating beauty with paint. Sometimes she uses brushes and sometimes a rubber spatula, to let go of control and allow adventure.. She said the challenge was more about understanding herself than proving to others, she was on an everlasting discovery. 
   She paints prolifically in her Oregon studio, that looks out to over hanging trees, lush green grass, grape vines, fruit trees, raspberries, marionberries, where she resides with her biggest fan, her husband Michael. She also has close by her two married children and four spirited grandchildren, which she frequently draws inspiration from. Her future plans include, building an art gallery and studio along an Oregon Winery tour bus route. 


About the Artist

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