Beginning Watercolor Class




Do you dream in color?  Watercolor?!?  I can help you!
I am starting a beginners watercolor class November 9.  We will meet in the new classroom the guild is renting at Willamette Christian Center 9am-12 every Tuesday morning.  The fee is $35.00 for the three hours of instruction.


Key areas of instruction will include:
Mastery of the medium itself-
Choosing good materials and tools, handling washes, mark making, mixing colors, transferring images to paper, finishing skills, framing finished work, showing and selling your art.
Design skills-
How to use photographs as reference for painting, how to see and arrange shapes, capturing the viewers eye, color and design, line and design, editing your photos for good design.
Artistic Confidence-
Learning how to critique and evaluate your own art, enjoying the creative process, appreciating your growth as an artist, seeing yourself as an artist, finding ways to use your art to benefit others.


Please let me know if you think this might be a fit for you.  I am limiting attendance for this class to accommodate social distancing.  

Call or text me at 541-206-2677