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Winners of the 2022 Holiday Arts Festival
Youth Exhibition Contest

Preschool (5 years-old and under)

First Place:  Ava Rodewald

Second Place:  Rosalee Philley

Third Place:  Vivienne Woods

6 to 12 year-old category

First Place:  Sarah Harbowy

Second Place:  Allison Short

Third Place:  Brantley Bessett

13 to 18 year-old category

First Place:  Chloe Halgren

Second Place:  Allison Glock

Third Place:  Anna Henry

There were 40 artists that entered the exhibition contest.  First prize winners will receive a 2-hour lesson from a professional artist in the Guild.  All winners received an Honorary Student Membership to Pacific Rim Art Guild.  We are proud of all the artists that entered and hope they all will continue with art in the future.

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