Kent Willocks

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About the Artist

“So great is the bounty with which [Man] has been treated that he may now… actually assist in the effoliation and multiple enrichment of creation.”  - J.R.R.Tolkien

I see myself as a 'sub-creator' in the spirit of Tolkien.  God has gifted humanity with a calling to expand on the themes present in His creation.  Imagination and fantasy serve as tools to explore the nature of God.  

I use form, texture, color, and design to imagine landscapes that are not, but might be.  This world may be entered visually; you can wander around inside it, explore it for yourself.  My sculptural forms are drawn from organic reality -- muscle, bone, and sinew -- root, branch, and leaf -- ice, wind, and snow.  The works are conceived to be viewed on a monumental scale.  

I am inspired by other artists, including: Roger Dean, Antoni Gaudi, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Giovanni Bologna, and August Rodin.

In recent years, my love of ‘Sculpture as Landscape’ has been transformed into a love of ‘Landscape as Sculpture’.  I serve at Bushnell University where I manage the grounds.  My job is to cultivate the campus as an environmental sculpture, surrounding and embracing those who interact with it on a daily basis.  Horticulture, the ‘Slowest of the Performing Arts’, is a joyful way to co-operate with God, and to fulfill the first calling he gave to Adam in the first garden.


Kent Willocks